On the Threshold of Two Fusing Portals
The Molecular Spirit of Alchemy
Isis meets Venus / Aphrodite and they plant a garden.
My talented friend Kid Icarus got creative with a photo of me.

I will call him emerald eyes and ask him to keep his eyes open when I kiss him; all the better for my tired eyes to drink in the healing colour. My mouth will flower magic to give his sore throat voice. We will find each other on a blue and red day and I will be clothed in silver Goddess shine. His light will be of bright orange and yellow as a proper God. On this day we will finally discover that I was a moon who fell to earth and became a girl, and he was my sun who fell with me to become a boy. Deities grown, we will rejoin to form a rainbow.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, October 8th, 2013

Multiversal Malleable Serenity

The multiversal creature in which we are all composed
of poems both joined and calmly
balanced, grounding solitary
as and how we wish,
encloses me, yet I am not trapped…..continued here